Get your properties and services seen across all digital channels, at 85% less cost.

This is video that ceates itself saving you time and money. That's just the start.

Reduce costs whilst increasing reach and engagement.

Ideal for franchises (white-labelling) as well as independent agents

All demo videos have been made using our own platform

85% less expensive than standard video and fully brand compliant.
All your existing and upcoming property data ported straight into full motion video.
Boost your listings and increase website engagement.

epik is based on intelligent templates (Canvases) that can self modify their style & output design giving infinite variation to keep your videos unique and fresh.

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This is not a video editor, you don't have time to edit video, here you simply configure it.
Faster, easier, less expensive, more powerful.

› Free audio library, stock images/videos
› Full 3D perspective capabilities
› Custom designs for your brand
› Stock designs available for immediate use
› Intelligent templates (Canvases) that self modify their output
› Videos can be made interactive for improved engagement
› White-labelling & dynamic branding for franchisees

Apart from listings conversion, what can dynamic video actually do?

Sending Newsletters, responding to enquiries & creating property alerts?
We are boosting engagement and click throughs by over 350%
And we're cutting digital costs by over 85%

Differentiate your customer responses with a personalised video with free optional voice over capabilities.
Personalise newsletters with a unique video to each and every recipient at costs that rival standard email.
Create them in minutes or use automation.

Complement your videos and website with property data represented as exquisite, dynamically generated charts and graphs.
Give your clients superior visual data for greater engagement and brand reinforcement.

Case Study: Property Rentals
Aim:› Improve rankings from page 4 to page 1
› Cut digital costs by at least 50%
› Increase enquiry throughput by at least 300%
› Empower for multi-channel and social media marketing
Apparatus:epik + a bit of noggin
Method:Convert property listings to video using a singe canvas with multiple themes and variations
Result:100% successful
Conclusion:You can achieve similar results
Samples: Showing how a single canvas can achieve different outputs for different purposes.


Either in your browser with drag 'n' drop or by your CRM/CMS using automation. Rapid integration, easy setup.

epik can be rapidly deployed to work alongside your data management systems, allowing you to convert your business intelligence directly into unattended dynamic video. Merge it into your email campaigns or push it to social media or publish it back onto your website.

Compatible with any platform

CRMs we have proudly connected with:


Major brands utilise video across all marketing channels for a reason.

In addition to building trust in the brand and increasing exposure and engagement by many multiples, video cements those brands as authoritative businesses.
According to Hubspot, 54% of customers want to receive video communications and that branded video content is the most memorable.

73% of brands are now actively using video, are you?

Brands that trust us:


Built-in optimisation & social media ready.

Single click publish to YouTube.
Deploy videos daily.
Enhance organic results through stronger video ranking.
No need to worry about correct tagging & video encoding - it's all done for you.

We're taking clients from Google page 4 to page 1


Designed exclusively for you.

Differentiate your brand.
One off process, thousands of variations.
Create your own videos either manually in the browser.
Or autmatically using integration.

85% cost saving on traditional video.

In a nutshell:
Be you an enterprise agency or an independent one, we're here to help you transition into dynamic video.
For less.