Dynamic Video Solutions for Forex Markets

This is next generation self-modifying and adaptive video with limitless output variation

83% of brands are using video...

Experience customer surge at massively reduced costs.

All demo videos have been made using our own platform

Welcome to elastic video.
Firstly, see why it's 10x faster to create and 100x more powerful than standard video.
* the end sample is a weekly news feed, indicative cost $20 and made in the browser in minutes.

So will your customers be.

Create elastic video for :
› Personalised video emails
› Social media broadcasts
› Market analysis & news
› How-to-videos for your trading platform updates

What can dynamic video do?
As it turns out, quite a bit.
* the video below is also an example of what you can create for your own purposes.

Do you have any idea how much customers like seeing their data turned into video?
The answer is, alot.

Create thousands of personalised videos at costs that rival standard email.

We are boosting engagement by over 350%
* due to data privacy we are unable to demo a live sample, the below is a generic example of data to video conversion.

Do you have a IB program?
Empower partners with white label video, at zero additional cost to you.

The more content you give your partners, the better they can market you.
Your pre-approved content, their style & branding


Either in your browser with drag 'n' drop or by your CRM/CMS using automation. Rapid integration, easy setup.

epik can be rapidly deployed to work alongside your data management systems, allowing you to convert your business intelligence directly into unattended dynamic video. Merge it into your email campaigns or push it to social media or publish it back onto your website.

Compatible with any platform

CRMs we have proudly connected with:


Major brands utilise video across all marketing channels for a reason.

In addition to building trust in the brand and increasing exposure and engagement by many multiples, video cements those brands as authoritative businesses.
According to Hubspot, 54% of customers want to receive video communications and that branded video content is the most memorable.

73% of brands are now actively using video, are you?

Brands that trust us:


Built-in optimisation & social media ready.

Single click publish to YouTube.
Deploy videos daily.
Enhance organic results through stronger video ranking.
No need to worry about correct tagging & video encoding - it's all done for you.

We're taking clients from Google page 4 to page 1


Designed exclusively for you.

Differentiate your brand.
One off process, thousands of variations.
Create your own videos either manually in the browser.
Or autmatically using integration.

85% cost saving on traditional video.